22 May 2024 – 23 May 2024, ONLINE


Uniting the values of scientific excellence and social progress in knowledge, practice, and communication

22-23 May 2024, on-line programme with focus on new research evidence

19th November 2024, in-person programme with focus on policy recommendations

The on-line programme for GS24 will focus on new research evidence, fresh analytical approaches, and evidence-based practices to better understand when, how and why biological, gender, and social inequalities impact negatively on quality of research outcomes. In addition, GS24 will discuss where fresh actions are needed to make the necessary improvements.

Since the first Gender Summit in 2011, progress has been made in many areas, but some disparities continue to persist, and new concerns have emerged in research fields historically treated as free from gender bias (e.g. sustainability, energy transition, climate, infrastructures, advanced materials, AI, etc.), but also in the science enterprise itself (e.g. inclusion, diversity, academic freedom, fairness, justice, etc.)

The expected output from GS24 will be a new Roadmap for Action 2.0, which will replace the Roadmap for Action for North America agreed on by the participants of the 3rd Gender Summit, which was hosted in 2013 by the NSF in partnership with NSERC, CONACYT, NIH, CIHR, and Portia UK in Association with the European Commission.

Information on the in-person event will be released at a later date.

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